Discourse 2.0.0.beta5 Release Notes

New features in 2.0.0.beta5

Shared Drafts

Shared drafts allow site staff to quickly and easily collaborate on a topic draft prior to making it public. To create a shared draft click the reply icon in the top left of the composer and select Shared Draft.


After the draft is created all staff can make edits prior to publishing the topic. Once published the timestamp(s) will be reset, and the edit history removed. For more details see the feature announcement at Shared Drafts: Allow staff to collaborate on posts before publishing.

Improved Staff Action Logging

Discourse aims to provide a simple audit path for staff actions via the staff action log (/admin/logs/staff_action_logs). This allows staff to review not only which staff member completed the action, but also when and the context of the action. Changes to site settings and themes also log the previous value making it easy to revert changes if needed.

In 2.0.0.beta5 we’ve added logging for “restore topic” and “staff edits”.

Easier Theme Development

@sam was very happy to release the Discourse Theme CLI (console app to help you build themes) to rubygems 2 weeks ago. This app makes theme development even easier by allowing developers to work on the theme in the editor of their choice! Working on the app Sam also squashed a few lingering bugs surrounding themes including some preview and caching issues.

Improved Group UX

We’ve made significant improvements to the /groups UX during 2.0.0.beta5, including:

  • Groups can now be filtered helping you find just the group you want.
  • Owners can quickly add or remove members from the group, and admins can easily designate owners.
  • Group members can interact with the message inbox right from the group page.
  • Group topic activity now uses the “latest” view providing all the details you’re used to from browsing Discourse like normal.

Remove category description in category-drop for staff or TL > 0

No, you’re not going crazy. Category descriptions have been removed from the category dropdown filter for staff and TL1+ users. This allows many more categories to fit without scrolling, as staff and non-new users should have a good idea what each category is for. Descriptions are still provided with hover tooltips, and continue to be listed in the composer category dropdown.


New Banner Themes

A frequent request here on Meta is for assistance customizing the look and feel of a site. To help admins get started @dax has created a number of “banner themes” that admins can import and customize on their site. Be sure to check out all the options and full details at Banner themes (and instructions for customizing them).

Security Updates

This beta includes 1 security fix for issues reported by our community and HackerOne.

  • Oneboxer should escape the URL before processing

Even more!

You thought that was it? We’ve got even more new features, UX & performance improvements, and a whole slew of bug fixes coming to you as well. Be sure to review the Additional Features and Fixes listed below for all the details.

Plugin improvements


  • Dedicated Instagram Onebox
  • Improved Twitter and Instagram image formatting


  • Multiple bug fixes

Additional Features and Fixes

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New Features

  • Add request start time so we can track queueing
  • Protect against accidental column or table drops
  • Add quote-modified class if a quote has been modified
  • Set ‘Retry-After’ header for 429 responses
  • Replace PM tags dropdown with a dedicated tags page
  • Support markdown rendering for embedded posts
  • Allow themes to live in private git repos
  • Split out max diff to 2 settings
  • Filter personal messages by tags
  • Upgrade jQuery to version 3.3.1
  • Update CommonMark to version 0.28
  • Add user-profile-avatar-flair plugin outlet

Bug Fixes

  • Don’t include shared drafts in global latest
  • Respect nofollow settings for onebox links
  • Could not create topic timers for certain locales.
  • Remove scrolling jankiness
  • Rails has bugs when a has_one has no id column :frowning:
  • Allow destination categories to be set if not at first
  • Unable to remove tags from topics in quick save
  • Ambiguous column name
  • N+1 query for shared drafts
  • Fires onExpand/onCollapse when using arrows
  • Prevents multiple search call when destroying multiple tags
  • Minor alignments improvements to select-kit
  • Event is not present here
  • Select-kit refactoring
  • limit wasn’t correctly applied to Upload.migrate_to_new_scheme.
  • Group members dropdown not displaying when switching between groups.
  • Drop unused tables with a delay
  • Infinite loading more on groups page.
  • Linter
  • Don’t apply tags to the plugin outlet in the admin menu pills
  • Not found message when trying to log in with a link, even though the email with the link was successfully sent
  • Error when trying to block an IP address. Return a message when IP address matches an existing screened IP address, including ranges.
  • When creating a topic in a category that only allows tags from a tag group, don’t allow creation of new tags
  • Regression in tag group UI which prevented creating new tags
  • Show only allowed tags on PM tags page and display correct count
  • Show an error page on click tracking error
  • Translation overrides for flag types didn’t expire cache
  • Tags page should link to user profile we are browsing
  • Use right caret for collapse state of tag and category drops
  • Restorer was not extracting the patch version in dump file.
  • Prevents ruby warning with circular reference
  • Align suggested messages
  • Color schemes not updating when remote saves
  • Login redirect path was broken in subfolder installs
  • Envelope link on suggested topics
  • Extracting mail content from exchange emails
  • Unable to delete user belonging to a group that grants a trust level
  • Not logging old post contents properly
  • Silencing / Suspending a user should not send a hidden message
  • Explicity set username when creating new message via URL
  • Correct messages displayed when reseting password
  • Share selected tags between tag-chooser in preferences
  • Do not show emoji menu when : has a letter before
  • My sso_overrides_username assumed username was passed
  • Tag input should not include tags you’ve already chosen in the search results
  • Mbox importer should ignore emails without date
  • Suspended login error message not showing.
  • When visiting post on mobile it is not selected
  • Couldn’t move a topic into the uncategorized category.
  • Circular references warning in TopicTrackingState.
  • Excerpts in summary email are too short when there are images or links
  • max topic invitations per day should apply on PM invites as well
  • Do not apply max topic invitations per day on email invites
  • Calculation of text length for <details> in excerpt was wrong
  • Error when group_in_subject enabled but no group in pm
  • Do not log personal message view if there exists a similar log in previous hour
  • Typo whipser → whisper
  • Sso_overrides_username may inappropriately change the username if the case changed
  • Safari flexbox bug in header dropdowns
  • Bulk importers shouldn’t insert rows with id less than 1
  • Do not show tags with 0 count on /tags page
  • Create notifications for mentions in PMs
  • Restore process for dump taken with pg_dump 10.3+.
  • Bulk importers wiping all email addresses without warning or errors
  • Use digest_min_excerpt_length site setting in summary emails
  • Not loading more messages when username has a .
  • Tag filter was not selected on page load
  • Converting topic to message for a second time was broken
  • User should not be able to invite to PM if trust level requirment not met
  • When personal messages are disabled let user invite to a public topic
  • Staff should be able to updates polls when edit window expires.
  • TableMigrationHelper didn’t clean up after itself.

UX Changes

  • Wrap full-size Twitter onebox images in aspect-ratio
  • Occasionally getting scrollbar while loading notifications
  • Wrap instagram images with aspect ratio
  • Correct styling for Instagram onebox
  • Add mobile template for group members page.
  • Allow users to filter members on group page.
  • Allow group owners to manage members from group members page.
  • Limit the number of group names displayed on user page.
  • Improve layout of groups filter on groups page.
  • Indicate active tag sorting method
  • Allow users to filter by different group types on groups page.
  • Improve groups page on mobile.
  • Indicate user’s group membership on groups page.
  • Allow groups page to be searchable.
  • Allow user_count on groups page to be sortable.
  • Css for Instagram onebox
  • On topic list page for a tag, show the Create Topic button to admins too
  • Add a back link to groups page on group page.
  • Use topic list for displaying group messages on group page.
  • Display group topics in a topic list.
  • Set pmView for PM tags page
  • Move Impersonate to the bottom of page
  • Use the full word “cancel” on desktop composer, “X” on mobile.
  • Replace composer cancel and upload with icons
  • Don’t let topic progress widget dangle when preview is disabled


  • N+1 queries on badges page.
  • PG queries for the UserEmail#email column was not using the index.
  • Query for email was not using index.