Grant administrator rights to a user

Hi discourse’s community !
This is my first utilisation of discourse.
I want to grant administrator rights to a user.
As admin, i received a mail but the link is broken :
“Wrong Link
You have clicked on an invalid link. Please make sure that you have typed the link correctly. If are copying this link from a mail reader please ensure that you have copied all the lines in the link.”
I want to change user status within the CLI.
It is possible ?
PS: I did not find any information in the threads of discussions
Thanks for your help and advises

I’m not sure what’s happened to that email, but you can do it from the console: :+1:

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Did the link get rewritten by your mail sending service so that it could do link tracking?

Thanks @JammyDodger. I didn’t understand that this process also affects other users. I thought it was only for the administrator.

Hi @pfaffman I’m going to see in my mail sending service what happens.
Thanks a lot !