Discourse-akismet updated hanging

Just tried to update discourse-akismet, update has frozen for a couple of hrs (and counting) at

$ bundle exec rake assets:precompile
Purging temp files

Any ideas? Should I restart the update?

Update: I have restarted the update and refresh the admin/upgrade page and all seems to be well :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for building an awesome platform :thumbsup:

In the future if this happens again SSH in and

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

The same happened with me when upgrading to Discourse to v1.7.0.beta6 +11. It’s frozen at one point for longtime.

I thought there is something broke. But when I refreshed the page everything where good and the upgrade were done.

I just lost around one hour waiting the upgrade while frozen just to be sure that I’m not interrupting a running upgrade.

@tgxworld spend a fair amount of time over the last couple of years improving this. We should be in a far more stable state these days.

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