Discourse and Webmention is possible?

Looking for a simple way to get rid of over-sized Twitter thumbnails I come to Webmention that enables simple comments from social-media and just mentioning the URL of our articles or posts.

There is a client on Ruby and PHP:

You can see a direct implementation scrolling down over here:

And I wonder if someone are insterested to get into this. I’ll try to implement by myself but I suspect I’ll need some help because that’s almost everything new for me.

Thanks for read, hope it helps. There is always good to recieve more engagement and traffic into our forums :slight_smile:

Maybe you didn’t hear, but a guy bought Twitter and broke it. I think this topic once described for to melt Twitter embeds work: Configure Twitter login (and rich embeds) for Discourse


Webmention is working with Reddit, Twitter, Github and Facebook linking all into single links within open-source and just mentioning the URLs, doing all the job and keeping all our audience free.

I reached Webmention because Twitter is going to be replaced for AI Social Media technology. I totally understand what you said but this is not related to my post.

Perhaps you will be interested in check this out!


Oh. Sounds promising! I guess I didn’t understand.