Discourse Android App keeps on crashing

The Android app keeps on crashing. It is annoying as it tends to break my writing momentum. The good thing is that what I have been typing is usually saved.

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Can you list phone model, OS version, etc?

Anyone else using the Android app seeing this?


Model: Gionee P5 Mini
OS: Android 5.1
Memory: 4 GB internal + 16 GB SD Card
Ram: 1 GB

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I do have the stack trace of your crash.

com.discourse_issue_5_crash_5A20FDC301F500012E4FFBB515CA2704_4245efdfd66511e7a5d056847afe9799_0_v2.txt (27.5 KB)

We have an update which should be available next week, I suggest wait to see if this update is fixing things for you, otherwise I will investigate.


Alright then. I’ll wait. Thanks.

Hi. The update is not yet available on playstore. The app is still crashing, and it is a bit frustrating to be returned to the app landing page every few minutes.

I pushed a beta build to our team today, maybe I can send you the apk

That’ll be great. Thanks.

I released the android app on the store, let me know how it goes for you


I’ve updated it. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks.


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