iOS App Crash Reports

I’m an iOS app developer; while investigating issues on my own app, I noticed that my phone had accumulated a rather alarming number of Discourse crash reports in the last few days; easily two dozen crashes since June 1st.

I’ve attached one from yesterday. If you’d like, I can provide way, way more of these.

Discourse 6-4-18, 8-14 AM.crash.txt (61.9 KB)

(To be clear, I hadn’t noticed any obvious user-visible crashes. I open the app primarily to check my notifications, maybe resolve a few flags, and leave.)


@joffreyjaffeux can take a look

Hi @dfabulich ,

thanks for the detailed report. I have installed a custom test build on my phone and I have been using it this week-end and will try to get a clear repro of this.

I think it might already be fixed in the build I had ready to release on the app store but want to confirm this. I will keep you updated.



I have collected a lot of data about crashes, they all look related to network issues deep in react native stack. I will keep tracking this and try to come up with fixes. But I had to release the 1.3.0 without any significant improvements on this.


Just making sure you’re aware of the scale of the problem:


Yes I’m aware, I did more debugging at the beginning of the week. But everything seems deep in react stack. Could you send me an email address so I can add you to our fabric beta list please? I will make multiple builds and hopefully we can fix it in the next weeks.