Discourse Design team experimentation topic

This topic will house the Discourse Design Team’s current experiments running on Meta. We will document what the current running experiments are here in this topic in a table.

After a maximum of 4 weeks, every design experiment will get a final decision from our team:

  • Promote to core, or
  • Abandon, or
  • Ship in dedicated theme component

Please feel free to let us know what you think of any of the ongoing experiments we are currently working on. As discussion takes place, we will separate the conversation into topics of their own.

Experiment Started Status
Details styling November 13,2023 Ongoing
Copy quote to clipboard November 13,2023 Ongoing
Full Screen Login November 21, 2023 Ongoing

Current Experiments

Experiment: Details in topic styling changes
Description: Change the styling of the details aspect of topic posts.
Date Enabled: 2023-11-13T06:00:00Z
Idea By: @chapoi


Feedback topic: Details in topic styling changes - Feedback - #2

Experiment: Add a copy button when selecting text in a post
Description: This adds a Copy button to the post quote buttons that copies the quote markdown to the user’s clipboard, so they don’t have to manually do it from the composer:
Date enabled: 2023-11-13T06:00:00Z


Feedback topic: Post quote copy to clipboard button -- Feedback - #2

Experiment: Full screen login / create account screen
Description: This turns the login/create account modal into a full screen login.
Date Enabled: 2023-11-21T06:00:00Z
Idea by: @jordan-vidrine

Feedback topic: Full Screen Login & Create Account - Feedback