Discourse for An Alumni Community

We have setup Discourse for an alumni community. There are some functionality that we would like to add (I searched the community forum but most were questioning the use cases of some feature requests hence I would like to ask if they have found features or tweaks for this use case). Here are a few things that we need some help

  • The forum is setup as login only. But we want one category to be public where anyone (without login can participate) - use case: prospective students who wants to ask something to alumni…
  • Can we setup groups which excludes (existing group of users- say students who are yet to get alumni status but can log in as registered members)?
  • We ask year of graduation for each member registering using custom-field. We want to create an automatic group based on this custom-field.

Thank you!


If you’ve got the time and inclination you can achieve all of that.

You might like to employ a Discourse expert to help you though! Try #marketplace.

Yup, this can be done a few ways. Set one category to Everyone and the others to groups as appropriate and turn off login only me.

Usually one must be logged in to post in Discourse, but you can get around that by having an email-in address for that public category and allowing anon to post (I think). The user will have a staging account created, based on their email address and this will follow them.

Yes, piece of cake.

Doable manually using the Data Explorer plugin or automatically using the Custom Wizard Plugin. Both have a significant learning curve.

Good luck!!!