Discourse Hosting for 10k LIVE event


I am looking to host a really large virtual live event within m discourse. We are expecting around 10k people to attend live.

We will create about 50+ different topics that have embedded streaming videos from Restream.com

I am wondering:

  • can discourse handle this without slowing down or crashing or causing any problems?

  • Which Discourse Hosting service can handle such traffic? and how much can I expect it to cost?

  • Is it smart to even do this in Discourse?

Let me know if there is something I should be aware of before doing this.

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What do you expect users to do while watching these streams? We probably need a little more info on the role you see Discourse serving alongside the video embed.

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Some will be replying to topics, there will be a live chat for them to talk, others may be browsing the forum, things like that.

We are using discourse for the networking and interaction features.

Previous event was on HeySummit, but it really lacked in terms of networking and basically just gave us a good UI/UX and simplicity in setting up events. Which was good. But now I want to take it to the next level.

Getting on Discourse means that users can stay active before, during and after the event to continue the networking and community. Whereas, with the other platform its only active during the event (in our case).