Discourse Hosting with traditional hosting interface

Can anyone recommend to me because Digital Ocean appears too technical for me

Hi @ojike :wave: welcome to Meta :slight_smile:
I think if you are finding that kind of self-hosting to be too-technical, it might be a good idea to seek out an assisted hosting solution, like Discourse Hosting, Literate Computing or Communiteq.


Our hosting at Communiteq comes with a full featured control panel where you can manage your forum and - on the Professional plan and up - add and remove plugins.

The hosting also comes with backups, managed updates and in- and outbound email services.


If you want to self-host the Literate Computing Dashboard will create your droplet, configure mailgun, send you an email with the DNS records you need to create; when you’ve created the records, it will install Discourse and send an email when it’s done. You’ll then have a Standard Install.

Once you’re installed, you can use the Dashboard to do command line rebuilds:

You can also use the Dashboard to manage plugins:

If you get stuck, we’ll help you get going again.