Using a private Discourse as our own notebook


I’m wondering if other people use their own, private Discourse as a personal notebook.

I’ve always had trouble organizing myself, writing down useful stuff, keeping track of interesting stuff I come across, etc.

I first created my own Discord server to do this:

I did the same with a friend to allow both of us to note in a single space any useful stuff related to Discourse, hosting, servers, coding, etc.

After a while, I decided to migrate all this data to a common, private Discourse instance. Plus, it’s safer because I’m in control of all the data.

My friend doesn’t really use it anymore though he still has access (I sometimes copy links to his intent), so I extended it and now use it, along with the Discourse/servers/coding stuff, to write more personal stuff in it, like songs that I appreciated, movies and books I want to watch/read, the manual of my freezer :smile: and various other stuff.

I’ve started to move the data from my personal Discord server to this Discourse instance, and I’ll continue to do so.

I use Discourse pretty much out of the shelf, and only added the PDF preview component.

I host my forum on the free offer from Oracle.

So, I wonder how many people are using their own private Discourse to do such things, and what component/plugins they use?
Also, where is your Discourse hosted?


I also have a Discourse instance for personal use. I use to to track projects I’m working on around the house. I’ve also started using it for some work I am doing with a volunteer org. It’s handy because I can add people to groups that only allows them see the categories specific to that work.

Heck I also used this instance to introduce Discourse to my work colleagues when we were looking to setup community forums :smiley:

I use the calendar, checklist, and solved plugins for mine, nothing too fancy.


I have one private category for myself. In the beginning I used it for drafts and later for timed publishing. But lately It has been more or less notebook too.

I have a VPS from DigitalOcean as VPN server and I shall start a private Discourse there, just for notes, writings etc.