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Hi there and congratulation for your great work on Discourse!!!

Do you regularly update all locale files from Transifex? I recently finished translating Discourse to Greek language and although most of the translated strings are in place, the discobot translation is missing. I checked on Github and the el locale is not there (discourse-narrative-bot/config/locales). Can you please fully update language files for Greek language and issue a version update? I’m waiting to bring my site live… :slight_smile:

Thank you!!!


The translations are updated regularly, the last update was 17 hours ago:


However, this only updates existing translations, it does not add new ones, and it looks like Greek is still missing in the repository. You can create a pull request to add it – here are the instructions:


This is something new for me… i did it, but i’m not sure that i did it the right way.

I suppose that i have to wait for someone to check the zip files i uploaded and the wait some more for the next Discourse update?

I see you created two pull requests:


The files you created are empty, however, so I think this won’t work.

If you’re very lucky, maybe a team member can have a look into integrating the translations despite being in their yearly meeting? :slight_smile:

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I uploaded them as zip files… :frowning:

My mistake… :cry:

I created a new pull request. This time a attached the text in the files instead of uploading them as zip files. I hope it’s ok now…

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That looks better! Since Greek is already supported by Core, this may be enough, but I’m no expert in this. Let’s hope one of the devs finds the time to validate and merge this soon :slight_smile:

For reference, here are the new pull requests:


(You may want to close the old requests.)

Thank you for your help!!!

The script we use for pulling translations from Transifex did only update already existing locale files. I updated our script so that it also adds missing locale files.


And I updated all translations and added a few missing locale files.


@karasardelis Thanks for your PRs. I closed them since they had the wrong language in the file header, but I added the Greek locale files in my commit.


Hey, this is great news!!! Thanks!!!

I suppose i have to wait a while for the new language files to reach my site. Can you force an update?

The changes are live on tests-passed, so you just need to update your instance. If there’s no button in your admin panel, just go directly to /admin/upgrade


I just did that earlier, thanks. That worked!!!


Hi, there! First, thank you for such an amazing forum. Our community spans the entire globe and having so many languages is an amazing feature.

Our Czech community manager is asking me, if she could help update/complete the translation to Czech for the narrative bot. It seems big parts are still in english.

How could we achieve a better translation?

Best regards - Georg from Vienna/Austria

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Hi Georg, greetings from Graz. :wink:
We are always grateful for new translators, especially for languages like Czech where we don’t have any active translators at the moment. Please direct your community manager to translate.discourse.org.


Hallo Gerhard

Meine Community Managerin wird ein Profil anlegen und sich der tschechischen Übersetzung annehmen. Wir hosten Discourse selbst auf unserem Server. Wie kommt ihre Übersetzung dann zu uns? Einfach beim nächsten Update oder ist ein besonderer Prozess notwendig?

Beim nächsten Update.

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