Discourse Reactions - Beyond Likes

What device are you using? I don’t have this problem with my iPhone.


Same here, it works fine on my iphone.

I have a user who’s mentioned this too. Samsung A90, Android 11, Samsung Internet (and tried with Chrome browser as well, but the reaction panel still doesn’t appear/select smoothly).


This issue on samsung device has already been adressed here but we were not able to reproduce it at that time.


Mine is Samsung + chrome browser. Can it be fixed?

I tried on the PWA app too, same issue.

Anyone can take another look at this? If not for this, the plugin is perfect. Now, I’m not sure it’s useable on mobile.

@VincentAlse please hang tight, we can’t reproduce this yet. Until we can get a consistent reproduction of the issue on our end, fixing it is like walking in the dark, we don’t really know what to fix.


The user that has this glitch on my site says she can cast a Like first, and then the panel shows up easier and she can reselect a Reaction instead. I don’t know if that’s a universal workaround though, and it sometimes triggers the ‘You are reacting too fast’ ratelimit warning, but I thought I’d share.

While doing some testing yesterday, we found that some of our users were able to leave reactions on archived posts even when they couldn’t like them directly (by just clicking the like button). However, they couldn’t remove any reactions they left because the thread was archived. Is this a known issue?

Thanks for all your work!


Hi, with the current beta version of discourse, some reactions don’t appear on the left side, namely the :+1: reaction (meaning that after clicking on it, the count on the left shows up but the icon is invisible). The other reactions however look fine and I can’t find a logical explanation for this:

This was ok before updating to the current beta, can it be some kind of bug/conflict?

A couple of questions to help us better understand your scenario.

  • Is this happening to just you?
  • Are there other users experiencing it?
  • Can you try a different browser in a clean (no extension/add-on) state to see if it is something local?
  • Can you also try a different forum that has reactions enabled if any?
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Yes, every user on our forum is experiencing it.

I’ve thought it could be our theme, but I can reproduce it even in safe-mode without the theme. Can’t exclude incompatibility between plugins however.

Tried in Google Chrome and Safari with the same result.

I’ll try to find some other forum that might have this enabled and post back the results. :wink:


I tried on the latest test-passed and it works fine, so thank you for checking with another forum and sorry for the back and forth.

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Okay, I can replicate this on another instance and nothing shows up in the console

Clicking :+1: doesn’t show the icon while for other reactions it works fine. I’ll pass it on to the team.


I did something here that might have fixed the thing:

In the settings, the thumbs up icon has a “thumbsup” text, while the icon we usually use has a +1 between the : symbols. I removed the thumbsup icon and added it again, however this time the text is “correct” with the +1… and it works. The problem is that the old ones (old reactions) that used the “old icon” stay invisible like you replicated, however the new ones are ok. :grin:


Cool cool!

We are doing a big refactor on the plugin which should help resolve some of these bugs, please hang tight!


Would it be possible to add reaction options to the new (well, not so new now, but you know) leaderboard?

Particularly, it seems like it’d be nice have:

  • an option to to replace the likes columns with the sum of likes and reactions (for sites where the reactions are really just fun other positive flair)
  • just a separate set of columns for reactions next to those for likes (for sites where reactions are distinct from likes, but not particularly interesting individually)
  • the option to indivually enable columns for any custom reaction (for sites where different reactions have significant distinct meaning)

The first one is really all I need for my sites, but I can see uses for the others.


These sounds nice, can you create a separate feature topic for this? It will be easier to track there and we can gauge the need for the feature.

Generally, we follow the rule of 3 from our hosted customers to gauge this need :wink:

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Is there any progress about the scrolling triggering :heart: issue?

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