Default categories/topics in English despite German as default language in setup wizard

These days, I have setup(*) a Discourse instance in German for a relative and her non-English-speaking community. Even though I chose German as default language in the new setup wizard, the default categories and topics have been created in English (despite having an existing translation, as far as I can see):

Did I miss any step? It would help if there was a way to recreate the default content (if unchanged).

(*) = which worked pretty well using this guide in less than 30min on a Hetzner vServer CX10 (I used to prefer STRATO V-Server Linux V20, but they don’t seem to support Docker/AUFS)


You need to set the language in app.yml before you start the Docker container the first time.


That makes sense. However, as far as I can see, the ./discourse-setup step (as explained here) will generate the app.yml and start Discourse in one step.

Maybe a solution for this would be to ask for the interface language within the ./discourse-setup dialog?

Update: I have created a PR for this: