Discourse Subscriptions - allow subscription of predetermined length

Feature request: I would like to be able to offer a subscription which lasts for one period only. At the end of that period:

  • The user should be removed from the subscription’s Discourse group (which I don’t think happens with current one-time payments).
  • No further payment should be taken.

Possible solution? The Discourse Subscriptions plugin should allow setting the iteration attribute of a subscription schedule. I found this in the Stripe documentation, on the Subscription Schedules API page:

Setting the length of a phase

The interval of a price determines how often to bill for a subscription. For example, a monthly interval is billed every month. Phases have an iterations attribute that you use to specify how long a phase should last. Multiply this value by the interval to determine the length of the phase. If a subscription schedule uses a price with a monthly interval and you set iterations=2, the phase lasts for two months.

Completing a schedule

Subscription schedules end after the last phase is complete. At this point, the subscription is left in place and is no longer associated with the schedule. If you want to cancel a subscription after the last phase of a schedule completes, you can set end_behavior to cancel.

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