Discourse team grows to 20

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

Originally published at: Discourse team grows to 20

Over the last few months we’ve added a whopping 9 members to the Discourse team! We held off on any big announcements until our new team page was ready for primetime.

Behold the first twenty!

The nine new arrivals are as follows:

  • Joffrey Jaffeux - Software Engineer
  • Sarah Hawk - Community Advocate
  • Michael Brown - Operations Engineer
  • Joshua Rosenfield - Technical Advocate
  • Gerhard Schlager - Software Engineer
  • Andrew Schleifer - Operations Engineer
  • Kris Aubuchon - Designer
  • Vinoth Kannan - Software Engineer
  • Simon Cossar - Technical Advocate


Congratulations to all the new ones on the team!

:rocket: Discourse to the moon! :wink:

(Travis) #3

Love the Roman busts :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Yes that was @erlend_sh’s idea :+1:

(mountain) #5

Jeff’s bust should be wearing a diadem. Then, the pantheon is complete.

(Nate Mamman) #6

Is there any significance to the directions the busts are facing and their background colors?


No. I think the only thing of significance on any of them is my hawk feather! I wanted wings…

We gave the artist a few disparate pictures of our faces on different angles and he came back with these amazing drawings. We then randomly chose background colours because we were having difficulty distinguishing between our avatars at a glance.