Discourse Topic Status Filter

This theme component will help you to filter the topics by its status “open” or “closed”. It will add a dropdown filter next to the existing categories and tags dropdown. You can limit this component to particular categories using the theme setting enabled categories. Else it will be displayed in all the categories. Also you can translate the texts.

Repository link :

Preview in Theme Creator

How do I install a Theme or Theme Component?


Love it! Thanks!

It’s a real live-saver. We use Discourse as an internal project and taskmanagement system.


Very cool, I hate to gift you the gift of work but I wonder would you be able to do a post on meta explaining how you are using Discourse internally, what is working well for you and what needs help? We may be able to give you more ideas to help with your workflow!


Reply here:

Seems like it merited a new topic.


Can we filter group tags theme component?

Discourse already having the tags filter. What do you mean by group tags theme component? And what is the use case?

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