[PAID] Looking for Discourse Developer/Designer

We are looking for a Discourse Developer/Designer to join our team, we are looking at integrating Discord and Discourse, we understand the Java/Discord side of things but we need to figure out the Ruby/Discourse side. As well as learning how Discourse operates on a development level, we come from vBulletin and XenForo, this project is of medium size and length, and we are happy to work out the detail via pms here in the community.


Hi @AJTx - what sort of time commitment are you looking for? I run several Discourse communities as a salaried part-time sysadmin/community host, and my oldest Discourse community is 5 years old. What type of community is yours?


We are looking for assistance getting the community off the ground, as far as development goes, we are looking to integrate some things into it, we are not totally sure from a development perspective how it will work, were mostly Java/Python developers, working with MySQL/JSON and Discord, so Discourse is a new thing for us, and developing plugins, extensions, and creating a design would be a lot easier with someone more experienced with Discourse and particular the Ruby language.

Time wise, we would be willing to be as flexible as we need to be in order to get this project off the ground.

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OK, I’ll contact you via PM

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Hey @AJTx,

We’re in the process of developing a Discourse / Discord integration at the moment. You can see the details and join the co-sponsorship of the effort here:

Happy to chat further about the specifics of what we’re doing. Hopefully we can join forces to build a robust integration.


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