Discourse Update Probs. Help please

Hi all,
I’m a tech for an online Discourse Forum that for some reason?? (which I can’t put my finger on) is running a beta version 2.5.0 beta 3

I have the owner who isn’t very tech savvy who I think has continually checked in and pressed the Update button until we’ve arrived at a Beta version. This is the only rational explanation.

So, what I would like help with is “Is it possible to regress to an official Release?” and get away from using beta. without losing the Forums posts??

Thanks for any help.

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Downgrading isn’t supported, there’s an existing topic with some more detail here: Downgrade to stable?

By default Discourse installs use the beta branch (we generally recommend it), clicking update shouldn’t change that.


I WILL check out that thread.

So the Beta version is common place on install? One of the problems I’ve had is that the owner upgraded to the next beta version and it was reliant on the Docker upgrade. So, he upgraded Docker and the Forum crashed.
I then reverted back to a backup on the Server and then upgraded Docker on the Server thru Apt.
BUT, on the Discourse forum software, it STILL demands that Docker be updated. I realise that this is a different issue from where this thread started but, it is question 2 that I have.
Can you make sense of any of this please?

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Make sure to read the PostgreSQL 12 update topic here:


Thanks Kane.

My intention is to update any software other than Discourse would be to do it via apt on the terminal at the Server.
I will only update Discourse via the Discourse update button.

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Several times a year you will need to upgrade from the command line.

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