DiscourseHub doesn’t follow language settings of a device

AFAIK I can’t translate these, and defenetly I can’t edit texts:

My users can so much english they know what those mean, but when everything else is in finnish, it looks… not so nice :wink:

This isn’t new glitch, but been as is as long I’ve used Discourse. But now I remembered this.

I think those ones are set by your device:


How’s that possible :flushed: All of my i-devices are pure finnish.

For f-word sake :man_facepalming: It comes from DiscourseHub.

So, the title should be ”DiscourseHub doesn’t follow language settings of a device”.

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That one I can confirm :slightly_smiling_face: Finnish in Safari, English in DiscourseHub.

Well — I changed topic, category and tag. Because I count this as a bug.

But one happy thing is there is no need to do translations :joy:

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Thanks for the report @Jagster, this is going to be fixed in an upcoming version of DiscourseHub. For the curious, the fix involves enabling a setting called “Localized resources can be mixed” in Xcode: