Display tags by tag group

Hoi there,
I have just looked on Hearing Aid Forum - Active Hearing Loss Community (sleek) and SE23 Forum (nice).
I’m wondering if it possible to make it look like Categories - Discourse Meta or Open Knowledge Forums?

It would give much more flexibility in regard of e.g. Post Topic in Two Categories? and allows you to work with tags only.
On the downside, you have to micromanage tags and tags-group. That would require that the Tag Groups setting page need some more tools to manage them.

anyway to highlight this response, this is what i have been looking for for 2 weeks but theres so much unnecessary replies i have to sift through.

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Is there a screenshot of this option (tags listed by group), where it appears on the tags page? My tags page doesn’t show this so I’m wondering if maybe I don’t have the powers or if our theme blocks the option…thanks.

Our /tags page is grouped by tag group here on Meta if you’d like to see an example. :slight_smile:

You can enable it for your site by toggling the tags listed by group admin setting (and you’d also need to set up some tag groups)