Displaying RSS feeds of discourse on confluence

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this is possibly rather a problem of the Atlassian Confluence macro, but maybe something also had this and knows the solution :slight_smile:
I´m trying to display the latest.rss of my community on a confluence page with the rss feed macro, but I´m getting this:

**Error rendering macro 'rss'**

com.atlassian.sal.api.net.ResponseException: com.atlassian.confluence.macro.MacroExecutionException: Error parsing RSS feed: java.io.IOException: Unable to parse rss feed from [https://<my-community-url>/latest.rss] due to Invalid XML: Error on line 23: The element type "meta" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</meta>"..**strong text**

Anyone knows what´s the problem here ?

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Looks like it doesn’t like a <meta> tag? Maybe there is “code” block in your instance that isn’t formatted as one that is breaking something?

You could try using something like W3C Feed Validation Service, for Atom and RSS to validate your /latest.rss output.

Ahhh … I have the culprit, but he is stronger than me, I´m afraid :slight_smile:

The Discourse Community is behind SSO (OAUTH2) and the confluence macro is probably trying to render the login page :smiley:

Hmmm… is there a way to whitelist an source so it can get through to the rss feeds without having to authenticate? (badass backdoor, I know :stuck_out_tongue: )



Found it, so easy :frowning:

Sorry for being stupid :frowning:




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