Do not know how to setup locked subcategory

I keep getting the folowing error message whenever I try to create a private/locked sub category but have no idea what this error message means or how to fix it?

Any group that is allowed to access a subcategory must also be allowed to access the parent category. The following groups have access to one of the subcategories, but no access to parent category: admins, moderators

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When giving the group access to a sub-category they first need to have access to the parent category. For example for people to have access to #howto:faq they first need to have access to #howto the parent category.


Thanks for clearing that up, I tried again before seeing your post and accidentally created that sub category as a main category.

I am now trying to delete that category but I keep getting an “oops page not found” message whenever I try to click on the edit button to delete it.

Not sure how I can fix that issue up either.

Try going to the home page of the forums and then navigating back to the category to delete it.

Thanks, that fixed it.

I’ll throw in a link to the guide too, for good measure. :slightly_smiling_face:


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