Do you use the :discourse: reaction? What does it convey to you, and what does it mean when you use it?

Just being curious. Nothing serious here :slight_smile:

:discourse: is part of the available reactions on meta.

While most emojis conveys obvious feelings or sentiments, or sometimes a few different but close ones, or that can easily be interpreted depending on the context, what does :discourse: means to you, as a reaction?


I take it as a prefix for other reactions, e.g., :discourse: :heart: would mean “Discourse love” ; :discourse: :rocket: would mean “Discourse power” or something. I cannot read it on its own.

I’m not sure how to interpret :discourse: :exploding_head: though.

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I agree. I removed it from my reactions list, along with quite a few others too.

I don’t, seems like a bit of a random reaction even from the start

One thing I have learned about emoji on sites is that the culture you come from has a lot to do with what emojis mean. IIRC in either Vietnam or Singapore they used a different social platform and over there a single emoji was rare. It was as if they talked sentences with emojis, so a single emoji not making sense alone makes sense to me, for using it in combination with others does make sense but not something I am use to seeing.

You’re misquoting here. I wrote :discourse: :exploding_head: not just :discourse:. I think I know how to interpret :discourse: alone :wink:

The state when I wrote plugins and components :face_holding_back_tears:

I’m not sure I’ve ever received the :discourse: reaction and if I did, I would just interpret it as Discourse approves (assuming it was team member who used it). I know I’ve never used to for a reaction to another post.

When I use it, it’s usually a form of recognition of a very Discourse-ish (in terms of philosophy, design, feature, culture, etc) content.
If the author isn’t team, it’s a way to express that the post fits Discourse in several ways (those described in my previous sentence, for instance).

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