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:left_speech_bubble: If you’re using the Discourse Reactions - Beyond Likes plugin, please share your site’s emoji combination here!

No need for a lot of commentary unless you want to explain your choices in a sentence or two. I’ll start:

:+1: :clap: :heart: :bulb: :thinking:

I change the historic/default like to :+1: … we are a technical community that shares lots of ideas and thoughts, so this seemed like a good set with the :thinking: brought in to show skepticism or curiosity.


At, we changed historic/default to :+1: also, but we also changed its label to “appreciate” instead of “like”. We also made:

To change labels we uploaded new images even when they were copies of existing emoji.

  • :100: but called it “totally”
  • :newspaper: but called it “tldr”
  • :face_with_monocle: but called it “skeptical” (I think :thinking: is similarly good)
  • :heart: but called it “thank you”
  • 23ac7b579f47f08937fa84f9d14bf9af324f911c called it “sympathies”
  • 00bcb9f367b02e686a5bf508cd026105631f43b3 called it “changed my mind” (the :bulb: is not a bad alternate)
  • eaf48ab9acd9b7eec22b11152f08bd501e6b4ca4 called “haha”
  • c6ce22e5d48991e44c2b6c47b610352f31be4d56 called “hooray”

(we used underscores for multi-word labels)

We thought a lot about the optimal most constructive reactions before settling on these with some adaptation over time. We do use multiple at once via Retort, so we aren’t planning to switch to Discourse Reactions since it limits one reaction per user.

Overall, your set @downey is notably similar, only really missing the options for “care” / “sympathies” and some sort of light-hearted funny option.


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Ooh I like “today I learned!” for :mortar_board:


I opted for: :+1: :clap: :heart: :bulb: :thinking: :100: :heavy_plus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign:

I wanted some room to dissent but overall wanted to keep it positive.

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