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I’ve been working on figuring the ins-outs of installing discourse on VPS that doesn’t support docker. The issue with discourse currently is that it’s a bit of an advanced install without docker. The issue with docker is that it’s not supported on most cheap VPS. After coming up with a flawless install script, and making it as easy as possible, I decided to post a thread introducing my script for people who have cheap VPS and would like discourse on their server.


This is for a clean install of discourse including all core components. You will have a full working install that upgrades, creates backups, restores, and everything else from within the admin panel. Included is fail2ban and ufw for added security. If the server resets for any reason, discourse is restarted.


  • Fresh Ubuntu 14.04 Installation on VPS
  • 1gb Memory
  • Root Access via SSH
  • A-record Pointing to subdomain


  • Start the script with these commands. Copy paste the below:

      cd /tmp; wget; chmod +x; ./
  • Enter a unique password for the discourse user.

  • Go to and signup for an acct. Log into your Dashboard, and click the “settings” tab on the left toolbar Click, “get api key” and keep this tab open

  • When instructed, reference the tab with mandrill info & enter the appropriate values followed by the enter key

    • hostname
    • username
    • password
    • email
      Please note the email is used to signup and confirm your acct, granting you admin privileges. This isn’t the mandrill username acct, it should be a personal email you already use, like gmail, yahoo

Disclaimer: DO NOT run this script on a server that contains live sites

It will likely corrupt your current site’s configuration. This has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 on openvz vps systems. It is intended for VPS after purchase, or after a reinstall. I take no responsibility for your actions, run this script at your own risk.


You can shoot me a message here, or find me on skype at pl3bscheese
Have a question regarding this script? Feel free to ask. If I’m not available on skype you can just send me a message. I keep a tab of meta open

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This script worked flawlessly on my ovh vps! No bugs and fairly quick install and setup.
Also, pl3bs responds very quickly to any questions you ask. Thank you for making this script :smile:

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