Does anyone here work on the Wordpress plugin?


I found a bug in the WP plugin and reported it a couple of days ago, including how to fix it. Haven’t heard a peep so far, and it’s causing us some problems. Does anyone here work on this project, or know someone who does?

Here’s the issue:

This seems to have only become a problem since we updated to WordPress 5.5. The actual problem occurs in the initialize_update_user_route method of the SyncDiscourseUser class. Apparently register_rest_route now requires that you have a permission_callback . I added 'permission_callback' => '__return_true' after line 53, and the problem went away. We are using WP Discourse version 2.1.2

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This is the correct place to report. Its mentioned in the support section of plugin.


It should get seen here. You could also submit a PR at GitHub - discourse/wp-discourse: WordPress plugin that lets you use Discourse as the community engine for a WordPress blog

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Sorry about the delayed reply to this. Your suggested fix will work.

The webhook request is being validated in the call to verify_discourse_webhook_request, but there isn’t an explicit permission_callback on the route - it sounds like that fails in WordPress 5.5. I had thought it would just give a deprecation warning.

I’ll update the plugin with your suggested fix for now. Later we can look into calling the verify_discourse_webhook_request from the route’s permission callback instead of from the its callback.

Edit: WP Discourse version 2.1.4 adds an explicit permission callback to the update-user REST route. It’s in the WordPress repo now.