Does "bundle upgrade" break vagrant/discourse?


I ran “bundle upgrade” within the vagrant/discourse virtual machine. I did this because I had trouble installing the tagging plugin, which it turned out is now incorporated in discourse. Now I have an error running “bundle exec rake db:migrate”.

My question is whether I broke the bundle dependencies in the vagrant/discourse Gemfile.

I read that “db” is the namespace and “migrate” is the task. I will go find out what that means. I understand that the Gemfile in /vagrant specifies the versions of gems that work for discourse.

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Do you mean this?

discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Did you run bundle update?

Don’t. Running bundle update will download gem versions that we haven’t tested with. The Gemfile.lock has the gem versions that Discourse currently uses, so bundle install will work. If you ran update, then you should uninstall the gems, run git checkout – Gemfile.lock and then run bundle install.


Yes, thanks. I just wanted to know how I screwed everything up.

I will clear the lot out and start again.