Does Discourse Reactions Respect Ignores?

Continuing the discussion from Discourse Reactions:

We have some users who have chosen to Ignore some others. However, those others are still free to apply reactions to their posts, which still bothers those users.

We are currently using Retort. Does Reactions respect Ignores? Is it possible to add a feature/setting for Reactions to respect Ignores?


After testing, when someone you ignored reacts to your post, the reaction is shown (and the name on hover), but no notification is sent.

Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse is end-of-life, so it’s just a matter of time before it breaks, and it’s strongly recommended to move to the official Reactions plugin instead.



So I take it that:

  • Reactions respects Mutes (no notification is sent for Muted or Ignored users)
  • Reactions does not respect Ignores (an Ignored user’s reaction is still shown)

Is there any chance this can become a viable feature request? That is, that Reactions would respect Ignores? Or is something about the way it was built not conducive to this? (And I’m unaware if it’s non-trivial to make this a configurable option or what the default should be.)

Yes; already discovered that, and migration is in our plans. Thanks, again. I only mentioned we’re on Retort by way of explaining why we didn’t perform the fairly simply test to get the basic answer for ourselves.