Does notifications work if you add a @mention via editing?

Guess I could test this on a live system but what happens if you post a topic and then edit it to include some more @usernames? Does the system send the notifications just to the new username added?

The answer to your question is yes.

If you (or a moderator) edit your post later to add more @ mentions, those people (or groups) will indeed be notified (assuming they have access to the post).

This is a common question in our community. We use it all the time.


Ah, I misread the question, sorry! I saw “tags” and missed the “@”. Yes, edits that add “mentions” will cause notifications - sorry for any confusion I may have caused.


This is one of the reasons I :heart: Discourse so much. What attention to detail. This is super-useful, and delightfully surprising.

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