Triggering an email notification with a group @mention not working

I just tried to edit another user’s post an @mention a group to send out a notification to the users in the group about the post but I don’t think it worked - any idea why not?

The user that I edited is a group member (and group owner) so he should have enough authority to trigger the email notification that comes from @mentioning the group. When I edited the post and typed in the @mention I saw the ‘You’re about to notify X users, are you sure?’ flag and closed it.

Can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong? I don’t really want to keep going back in and retrying it as the group has 500+ members and I don’t want to send out multiple notifications about the same thing :anguished:

The post did not contain the group mention prior to your edit?

Nope, I added it afterward. If I got him to delete and repost with the group mention do you think that’d help?

I do know that there are definitely some bugs with mentions when someone else other than the author is editing. I would try having the original author repost.

For example, when I edit someone’s post I have sometimes gotten notifications to myself when that post originally quoted me…

Hmm just tried deleting old post and creating new one with a new @mention and looks like it hasn’t worked again. Keen to hear any other ideas that might work to set that trigger off!

Could you take a peek @techapj?

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Could this be cause by the site setting max users notified per group mention? It defaults to 100.


@yvonnebrill super likely this is due to max users notified per group mention per @fefrei

Try bumping that number up, but be warned, allowing notifications to enormous amounts of people can cause a lot of email and notification flooding, be very careful here.


If the max is reached, the whole notification is abandoned? If the limit is 100, then are 100 people in a group of 500 notified?

This limit is not intuitive at all… the UI should mention that this won’t work, and why.

I can possibly convert it to a post validation, then post will not save if limit is hit


We should because this is a support issue that will keep happening with the way it is now, zero feedback as to what is going on

OK this warning is going to have to do! (please improve copy @codinghorror )