Donation Bar for House Ad


This is a Donate Bar for Discourse Official Advertising Plugin House ad function. You have to install the plugin first.

I was thinking a lot…how could I make the donation more attention-grabbing to our Members. The problem is the donation are not continuous. First time we used a banner in all topic top and bottom but our Members are used to it and no longer noticed it. So I made it more dynamic. Now we use a donation bar between posts. We use a donation goal and when someone donate we update the current price.

Add HTML in House Ad

  1. Go to admin > Plugins > House Ads
  2. Create a new house ad.
  3. Paste the following :arrow_double_down:
<a class="donate-bar" rel="noopener" href="paste here the link of your donate page">
  <div class="ad-container">
    <span class="label-strong">Support your favourite Forum... (replace this text)</span>
    <span>Donations received in this month! (replace this text)</span>
    <div class="goal-container">
	  <div class="goal-container__current"></div>
	   <div class="goal-container__bar">
         <span class="goal-bar__total"></span>
	   <div class="goal-container__progress"></div>
  1. Add this to Between posts or Topic above suggested or Topic above post stream.

Install the theme component and set up.

You’re done! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope you find it useful!


Nice! I wonder if we should also add this as an option to Discourse Subscriptions?


We already have a feature like it!

Check out the campaigns feature.

From :slight_smile:


Yeah I saw this before and I wanted to set this up but unfortunately Stripe only works if I have a business (company etc). Otherwise I can’t activate my account. So that is why I made this alternative. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Don can we add Bitcoin or monero Donation with BTCPayserver ? if we setup BTCPayserver as our own system payment for bitcoin, monero with 0% FEES it would be good idea to add #BTCPayserver to Donate our Discourse through it.

I’m afraid not. Sorry. This is not a payment gateway. It is just shows users how much donation is needed and how much donations has been sent so far. You can set this manually. If someone donate you then you have to update the current donation field and the bar will update. The whole banner is click able so you can redirect users to the actual donation page (if you have) where they can do the payment.

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