Duplicate Categories with Docs

I’m going to try and explain this the best possible way, I might not get it correct the first time around.

I’m trying to build out a massive Wiki using Discourse Docs plugin, the Discourse instance isn’t dedicated to being a Wiki. It has a number of categories for topic creation and discussion as a normal Discourse instance.

The problem I’m having is that I need to create a category for discussion only topics and a category for docs topics. I don’t want to mix the content of a discussion topic with a docs topic.

I had someone recently tell me that it’s makes no sense to have duplicate categories, and that I should be merging them and have them all in one category. But then how do you separate the two and display it in an organized fashion?

I don’t see an option to hid docs categories or to create docs only categories, which would make this a moot point. So I’m interested to understand how other folks are doing this?

Thanks for any replies in advance!

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This theme-component may help you accomplish what your looking for.

There is also a theme-component that compliments Docs plugin.

Categories are defined by the settings you choose. Docs is configured by one to include categories & tags to be viewable in it’s interface.

A plugin that can work well is Solved having it in a Category with Solved enabled

Thanks for this, it gives me some ideas!

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Your welcome! If you need further assistance; feel free to reach out.