Editing a comment takes me back 20 posts in Discourse Hub app

  1. Reply to topic
  2. Note what number reply you are
  3. Edit comment and save
  4. Observe jump back 20 posts

Each subsequent edit jumps back a further 20 posts.

I’ve tried to reproduce this both with Android and iOS (mobile view on an iPad) on try.discourse.org: What happens when a topic has over 1000 replies? - Demo.

So far I’m not having any luck. If you get a chance, can you see if you can reproduce the issue on that site?

Yes. Reproduced first go.

BTW I’m using Discourse Hub

Each edit moves me back a further 20 posts.

Why 20?

I only started recording after the first edit.


Thanks for confirming (topic title edit) this is a bug with the Discourse Hub app.

Interesting that following the link to the “try” forum within the discourse app (visible as window chrome) exhibits the bug as well as forums added properly through the discourse hub ui.

Interesting. From a quick test on try, I can’t reproduce this.

I’m guessing you don’t see this issue every single time you edit a post @gingerbeardman?

Actually I do! Every edit.

I edit often because I make a lot of typos.

Edit: doesn’t happen in this thread right now as it’s less than 20 posts.

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(Yes, don’t test on topics with less than 20 posts.)

I can reproduce now, but only when the topic has more than 20 posts loaded. In the video above, I had clicked the topic progress bar and jumped to the very bottom, which resets the list of loaded posts. If I scroll up so more posts are loaded and then edit, I see the issue.

Thanks for the report, will work on a fix soon.


Thanks for tracking it down!

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@gingerbeardman Can you still reproduce this? I made a change that should help here just before the holidays, let me know if it looks good on your end so I can close the topic.


Looking good from here. Close it.

Happy New Year to you all.