Editing name tags down

Is it possible to edit a name tag after choosing it like on Facebook? Most of our users have their full name in their tag (so mine is @Rob_Nicholson). I find myself wanting to say in a reply “Yes John, I…” but want to tag them but using their full name doesn’t feel right. In Facebook, once you have tagged them you can backspace to remove their surname.

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Best you can do @rob is to use a standard hyperlink here.

The feature you are proposing here can end up costing tons in readability. eg @sam could refer to @sam_saffron_soc and the only way to find out who you would be talking about would be to follow the link.

Sorry but I disagree. The feature is used on Facebook all the time without confusion. You tend to only use it in reply to an existing message (e.g. I agree @Sam) and you want to make sure they get a notification email. Surely that’s the purpose of the tags and therefore this is just a more friendly version? On the CAMRA forums, our national executive are very busy and therefore haven’t got time to keep totally on top of the forums. Referring to our chairman each time as @Colin_Valentine is way too formal.

Ok, then he needs to edit his username to change it to @colin.

We have hundreds of Colin’s in CAMRA. A very common name with beer drinkers :slight_smile:


Only one can be the site owner in charge of decisions like this, though.