Editing Server.en.yml

Do you know how I can edit server.en.yml to modify email template. Or an example of a plugin to do this, I don’t think the word replace plugin would be reliable for something like this.


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You could use the discourse-locale-override plugin for this.

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Doesn’t appear to work with the latest beta

You can do this in a plugin.

  • Create plugin.rb with the usual comments.
# name: my-translation-overrides
# about: Neil changes some words
# version: 0.1
# authors: Neil Lalonde
  • Create directory /config/locales
  • In that directory, create server.en.yml with the translations that you want to override. For example:
    title: "The Rules"

That should be it.


We now support customizable e-mail templates:

Furthermore, all text in Discourse can now be customized.


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