Editor loses accents capability


  • Firefox
  • Composite keyboard character map


  • Lost cursor
  • Accented characters do not appear


Since 2.3.0.beta9, the editor sometimes loses the capability to write some accented characters, which becomes very annoying. Pasting accented texts work, which provides a temporary workaround.

When first loaded, the editor works fine, but at some point (which remains unclear) he cursor disappears and the accented characters cannot be inserted anymore from the keyboard. The bug appears in Firefox with composite character maps (e.g., the Spanish map where an accented character can be inserted by typing the diacritic then the letter).

The console does not throw an error. There’s a deprecation warning on “removing all listeners” which may or may not be related.

Can you reproduce here? What are the exact reproduction steps?

Essai d’criture avec des accents et le clavier espagnol : ñ fonctionne, mais pas , , ou , ou encore . (en HTML: é, è, ou à, ou encore ê.)

To reproduce:

  1. switch to a composite keyboard
  2. reply to this topic.

I’m writing these characters: ñ, é, è, à and ê on latest FF using “composite keyboard” (eg. “ENG INTL”) on latest Windows 10.

I’m on GNU/Linux with Firefox 60.6.2esr. I’ve seen this bug on another distro with the same Firefox version.

Latest version is 66.0.5. Can you please update and try again?

Essai avec Firefox 66.0.5 téléchargé à partir de mozilla.org. There must be a bug they corrected since then.

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