Editting an assigned post re-sends the assigned mail

When having a post that’s assigned to user X, Discourse re-sends the user Y assigned post to you to user X. imo it shouldn’t resend that if it’s still assigned to the same person. (This is a post with @X in it)

What if the edit completely changes what the assignment is?

then a mail would be great of course.

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You mean the automatic whisper post we insert in the stream? Curious why are you editing it?

No I mean a post like this one with @carlokok in it. On our forum that will automatically assign the post to me (which is great), but If I edit this post again, I get another “user assigned a post to you” notification for every time it gets edited.


@gerhard can you add this to your list, not urgent at all but we should clean it up (in theory if we edit this in 15 minutes you will get another notification)

In theory another notification fired


This should be fixed by FIX: Do not assign the same user more than once · discourse/discourse-assign@a308e2a · GitHub

Note: We already prevent duplicate assignments in the AssignController, but that doesn’t work for auto assign.


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