Email address change - click link 2nd time

When you change your email address you receive a verification email:

Confirm your new email address for {Amazing Discourse Website} by clicking on the following link:{some-long-code-here}

If the user clicks the link a 2nd time (after successfully verifying) the following message is displayed:

There was an error changing your email address. Perhaps the address is already in use?

Consider changing this error message to:

There was an error changing your email address. Perhaps the address is already in use or the email address has already been verified?

Yes, users click links in emails again thinking it’s a new email.

Alternatively if possible just log the user in? If the data is no longer available because the verification code is removed after verification then just updating the message would be great.

@techapj can you add this to your list, we need a different error message here when the email was already verified.

I’ve attempted to change the email address of my account to a group email account.
Once the change is made the system tells me I should be getting a confirmation email but one never arrives at the group account.

Are group email accounts supported? @codinghorror

The confirmatiom email is definitely sent, did you check your email spam folder?

@codinghorror no such luck checking spam. Group setting have all emails being forwarded to a group of 3 individuals and I had all check. I there a way to reset an email address via a support channel perhaps?

We do have this guide:

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Done via:

The error message is now consitent with how we handle multiple clicks on account confirmation link.


Cool, confirmed on try:

Sorry, this account confirmation link is no longer valid. Perhaps your account is already active?

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