User can't confirm changed email

Hi there!

(hosted instance:

One of our users (Pixelfreaks-dev-27139) can’t change his email. He gets the error change_email.error, saying a user with this email already exists. However, this is not the case.

He already hat issues with changing the email address in the first place, he got the same error there. As I tried the same thing by taking over his account with my admin account, it worked. Spooky, somehow.

did you ever manage to fix this? encountering a similar issue

Hi Sebastian,

honestly, I don’t know. Can’t reproduce it anymore.

Same issue here.

A user reported this error to me 13 days ago and I thought it was an error specific to this user.

I changed this email by following this guide:

Today another user reported the same issue. So I think there is a more general problem with the email change.

Installation details:

  • Discourse 2.4.0.beta9
  • Droplet in Digital Ocean with 2GB RAM, 25 GB SSD.

Thanks in advance.