Email list server?

Does Discourse offer an email list server?

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There’s an email server mode you can enable, which will give users a choice between receiving a digest periodically (possibly several times a day) or receiving a separate email for every message posted (other than their own.)

I’m using it to transition from a Mailman server I’ve been running for several decades, but in all honesty I’m trying to encourage my subscribers to use the online interface.


It’s called mailing list mode. But yes, with discourse you want to encourage people to login and use the site, and not just rely on their email.


Thank you. I am trying to find a member management solution for my instructor group and being able to send one email and have it go to all members is a huge factor in my decision. Logging in every time we want to communicate with each other is not preferable.

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Is there a file storage area for us to upload and download files?

You can always set up an announcements category and set your members to be watching that category. Unless they change their user preferences from the default they will then get an email. There is quite a bit of flexibility.

Not exactly, though you could always create topics where you can keep and share files. Easiest is probably for you to spin up a free trial at Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion or explore our demo site at

The file “storage area” is part of your hosting, and with the Docs plugin you can create and maintain a file library.

Then you just need email notifications. That’s automatic.

You can upload files, but there is not a way to see all uploaded files on the system.

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Great, thats what I need! Thank you.