Email "only when away" broken?

I noticed on June 27 and June 28 that I didn’t have any reply emails in my inbox when I came in those mornings. I thought there was something wrong on our side (other senders were being blocked at our mail server) but was about to head out for a week of vacation & so didn’t worry too much about it.

I came back from being “away” for a full 9 days (okay, 9.5; I slipped out early Friday) to find… 0 Discourse emails in my email inbox.

Checking my site’s email logs,

  • emails are being sent to other users
  • emails are being sent to other users in my company/domain
  • the last time an email was sent to my email account was 26 June

I just checked my preferences & found that email was set to “only when away”.

So… it looks like something about that setting is broken

Following up on this, my company had email problems before this started, resulting in hard bounces of Discourse emails.

That pushed my account (and some others) over the bounce score threshold, so Discourse stopped bothering to try sending me emails.

I have Reset the Bounce Scores of the relevant users, and expect that to be the fix.