How to get emails for flagged posts that need moderation

I’ve installed Discourse.

I enabled “Mailing list mode” for myself to get emails about every post (and it works, email delivery works).

However, I don’t get emails about posts that need moderation (either flagged by users or auto-detected by spam rules).

So I only see those posts when I go to the forum.

I imagine there is a setting to configure Discourse to send me an email about posts that require moderator action.

I’m membere of “admins”, “moderators” and “staff” groups, if that’s relevant.

No, there is no email notification of flags – that’s the onsite badge only.

There is a notification if flags are left unhandled for longer than {x} hours. It’s called notify about flags after and the units are in hours. You could set it to 1 hour, if you really wanted to, but it will get super naggy.


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