Email to set password not sent out after invitation

Continuing the discussion from Invited users are ignoring the set password email I am currently in the following setup (running 1.8.0+beta5):

  1. I have a csv with new users I want to invite. I am testing this with my own emailaccounts right now.
  2. The CSV is accepted, emails with the invite are sent out.
  3. I click the link in the email and I click the button Accept Invitation
  4. I see the welcome message and I am automatically put in a hidden group
  5. Right now, I should get the email to set a password. But I don’t.

So new users, not really familiar with forums and all that, don’t know they should set a password. We do a workaround now and show them to the preferences page to set their own password. But can anyone point me in the right direction to solve the problem that the automated email to set a password is not sent from our system?


Can we repro this @techapj? The accept invite page should show our new UI.

Oh wait you are out of date. Update to latest please.

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