No Status Message After New User Clicks invitation link

(Alan Levine) #1

My site is site up for accounts created by invitation only. When a new user is sent an invite, either by email or direct link, it sends them to the site. I thought there was a status message that/should appear letting them know to check their email for the next link to click to make their password.

It tends to confuse people on the first link click, because they are at the site, but they are not logged in.

Am I missing a setting? Am running v1.7.0.beta3 +32

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

When I tried an invite link just now, I click the link and am logged in to the site. That’s the thing, it skipped the whole login thing altogether. I can then go to settings to set a password, or use a social login if that’s set up.

The invite link is the link to make their password.

(Alan Levine) #3

Doh, you are right. It is subtle, I am logged in and can see the icon for my new account in upper right. To people not used to this kind of system though, they might not know to click there. Frankly a small on-screen notification welcome IMHO would be helpful.

(Mittineague) #4

Not that everybody actually reads it, but the Welcome Invite email does have

To log in again later:

  1. Always use the same email address from your original invitation when logging in. Otherwise we won’t be able to tell it’s you!
  1. Create a unique password for your user profile, and use it to log in.

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

The bulk invite from file feature lets you point them to a landing page. I’ve used to for onboarding students into classes. You can also suggest there that they, e.g., change their username (before they post) if they desire.

(Alan Levine) #6

I love that idea, totally forgot it… Thanks.