Emails Go To Spam

When receiving emails with Outlook, they always go to spam. However when I use Gmail, the emails don’t go to spam.

I ran a test with, my result was 8.7/10:

  • I didn’t include a list-unsubscribe header
  • “Message has a DKIM or DK signature, not necessary valid”

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I’ve had similar issues over the years. Sometimes it takes a while to build a good sender reputation. I often use services such as:

… or similar. Takes the pain out of delivery worries and there’s a free plan also.

Also see:


Does your forum use some of new domains, not old ones like .com, .org or by countries? Most mail filters consider something like .co (pure one), .click, .talk etc as possible spam — and too bad, but filters are mostly right.

I don’t use Outlook, but can’t you whitelist senders there? But if you are wondering other users there is not too much to do if a forum has DKIM etc right. False spam alerts have been as old issue as spams that aren’t stopped.

Google seems to be quite generous and is letting thru almost anything nowadays.

My domain is .tech, I don’t see it being an issue really.

But funnily enough, the notification for your message actually went to my Outlook spam, aha.

Are you using the webmail client? Does the same issue also occur with other non-Gmail email providers like Yahoo! Mail and iCloud Mail?

It’s a well-known issue with email providers that aren’t Gmail. They like to discard emails sent by Discourse as junk/spam.