Emails never arrive when Granting Admin access

Other emails are arriving, just not the ones granting admin permission. They show as sent in the admin console and i’ve tried changing the main email address for important emails on the site, but they still go out and don’t arrive. Obv i’ve checked spam and junk folders, nothing.

They seem to be being intercepted between being sent and arriving in my mail accounts. I’ve also checked for blacklisting and our domain seems to be clear.

Any ideas where to look next? or anyone encountered a similar issue?

and that’s on the same mail box? I’ve been fighting some ISP spam firewalls recently, the 550 5.7.1 “refused to talk” error was quite surprising to me (I didn’t monitor the noreply adress discourse use to send mail :sweat_smile: )
Your IP might be blacklisted, for exemple you can check there for Microsoft (they mitigated my situation very quickly btw, login required):


You can check your Smtp logs.

Also, I’ve seen Microsoft hosted mail silently drop incoming mail without even sending it to the spam folder. You might try to see if a Gmail blog will receive the message.


Thanks for your replies. I couldn’t work out how to use the Microsoft thing, but its a Gmail address which is blocking it so maybe its not a Mircosoft issue.

We use Mailgun for our emails and when i log in there i was able to see that it has definitely been delivered to the correct Gmail account, but it doesnt show up there so it must be Google blocking it - and only the admin confirmation emails, others go through fine.

I was able to copy the url from within the email in Mailgun’s logs, and paste it to approve the new admin. That work around works, but the issue remains.