Why some kind of emails can't be receive, some can?

Quite strange.
I’m an admin of one of my discourse instance.

My account can receive emails like forgot_password, signup, mentions, etc.

But when I want to set another user as an admin, Discourse says it has sent the “admin_confirmation_message”

But in my mailgun account, I see other emails can be sent, but this email delivery failed!!

So Why failed?

Check your mailgun logs for an explanation and open a ticket with mailgun.


I am running into the same issue with mailgun. I tried to promote a user as admin, Discourse issues a message that a verification email is sent but that email does not arrive. On Mailgun, I see these emailing attempts as “suppressed”.
I have no trouble receiving the email with the “send email test” from the “Emails” admin menu.

@xiasummer Did you ever manage to fix this?

Jay’s suggestion of opening a support ticket with Mailgun is your best route. If the email is leaving Discourse, unfortunately it’s not an issue with the software. It may be something with your Mailgun config at the domain level.

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No pb, i’ll see with Mailgun’s support.

You’ll need to open a ticket with mailgun or read their documentation. I think it may mean that the user marked email from you as spam in the past.