Embedding in posts with ALL CAPITAL titles

With embedded enabled and using feed settings RSS/Atom to get a list of posts.

Topics get created with ‘ALL CAPITALS’, this appears to be against discourse conventions. (A user can’t create an all capital topic). Plus, it looks like posts with all capital titles break things a little. When you try setting the timestamp on an all capital topic it doesn’t get sorted correctly in the latest topic listing. Was kinda expecting the RSS/Atom import to have the same capitalisation rules applied as manually creating a topic.

Discourse version: v1.9.0.beta11 +93

See the allow uppercase posts site setting.

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I just checked: Admin -> Settings -> Posting -> ‘allow uppercase posts’

With that set, they still seem to show the incorrect activity timestamp after trying to ‘Change Timestamp…’

Pretty sure embedding is immune to most title rules, by design.

  • Installed discourse / setup embed thingy. Moar decentralisation, less disqus. w00t.
  • Whole bunch of posts created by importing from RSS/Atom. Yay automation for the win!
  • Went in and manually changed timestamps for all imported posts to match the creation date of the article. Rather than everything having the same RSS/Atom import date (Oct '17). I used ‘Change Timestamp…’ on each post for this.
  • Posts with ALL CAP titles are not correctly sorted in latest post listing. They are displayed with the RSS/Atom import date, rather than the date I set manually with ‘change timestamp…’
  • Yet, posts without All Cap titles are correctly sorted in the latest post listing.

ALL CAP, bad sort: FIVE-0 - Reprage
Mix Cap, good sort: ASCII Art - Reprage