Ember CLI - How do I use it in discourse?


I am about to start hacking away at discourse, but I am confused how ember is used. Running commands such as ‘ember version’ or 'ember g ’ give the error ‘ember: No such file or directory’. Do I need to install the ember cli separately?

We do not use Ember CLI to develop Discourse. You need to configure Rails and run it. To make life easier use our docker dev environment. discourse/bin/docker at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub


Is there a downside to configuring Rails to use Ember-CLI?

This would be a GIANT Ginormous change. We have a very custom asset pipeline.


Is this asset pipeline documented some where? I would like to use an ember code like this for example in a plugin:

How would I go about that? do I have to manually copy the code?

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Did you ever find the asset pipeline documentation?

Wow this topic is old, but @eviltrout is working on getting us up on Ember CLI over the last few months – it’s a big job!


Yup, our Ember application is quite old at this point, and we haven’t fully gotten away from some of our old habits. It’s also slower to upgrade because we have hundreds of plugins and themes that we don’t want to break in the process.

Still, I expect to make some good progress soon!